Late-breaking abstract submission is closed 


The presentation of cutting-edge research will be an important component of the conference.
Submitted abstracts may be selected to be considered for platform or e-poster presentations.
Abstracts will be published online and distributed in the Conference program book and on the mobile app to the Conference attendees.


Abstract submission deadline 10 September 2018
Notification of selection to authors 24 Septembre 2018
Authors registration deadline for abstract publication 26 September 2018


  1. Abstracts must be submitted electronically via the Conference website: following the easy, step-by-step instructions. Abstracts submitted by email or fax will not be considered.
  2. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted and will therefore not be considered for the program or for publication.
  3. All abstracts must be written in English.
  4. The abstract cannot contain more than 2500 characters (blank spaces, punctuation included while authors’ affiliation, title and conflicts are not included). The minimum is 500 characters.
  5. Abstracts should be structured as follows:
    Background: Indicate the purpose of the research and/or a description of the problem being studied and state the hypothesis being tested.
    Methods: Describe the study with attention to the following: design, setting/location, population, data collection, and method(s) of analysis used (all studies must include a statement of compliance with applicable regulations regarding applicable animal use and/or human subjects).
    Results: Present as clearly and as detailed as possible a summary of the findings and/or outcomes of the study.
    Conclusions: Discuss the implications of the results with an emphasis on the study’s significance for prevention, treatment, care, and/or support.
  6. It is possible to insert images 750 pixels width x 750 pixels height
  7. By submitting an abstract, the submitter confirms that the data has not been previously published.
  8. Abstracts must meet international ethical standards.
  9. Do not include any individual, institutional, or place names in any part of the abstract text, including the title.
  10. Please indicate the granting agency and mechanism whose fiscal support made the research possible while declaring your conflicts of interest.
  11. Submission of an abstract does not guarantee acceptance for presentation at the conference.
  12. Submission of an abstract does not constitute registration for the Conference.
  13. Submission of an abstract implies the commitment that, if the abstract is accepted, the presenting author will attend the meeting and the expectation that financial resources to attend are available. If the original presenting author is unable to present, one of the co-authors should take over this responsibility.
    Registration and payment of the fees must be completed by September 14th, 2018 at the latest. If the author/presenter fails to register and pay before September 14th, 2018, his / her abstract will be excluded from the scientific program and publication. For more information about registration, please refer to
    A post-conference report will be published in the Children’s Tumor Foundation quarterly NF newsletter and Research E-NewsBlast. In addition, a manuscript of the Conference will be submitted to the AJMG for possible publication. If your presentation or poster is published in this report you will have the opportunity to review and request edits to this information prior to report publication.
  14. Your abstract, poster and presentation at the NF Conference constitute public disclosure. For more information on public disclosure as it relates to future publications & patent filings from your research, you may wish to speak with your institution’s Technology Transfer/Patenting & Licensing Office.


  • Please ensure that your abstract does not contain spelling, grammatical or scientific errors. No corrections are possible after the submission deadline.
  • Where scientific abbreviations are used, please include the full wording the first time this is used and the abbreviation thereafter.
  • Please do not include Greek or other symbols but use the longhand version of the word (e.g., alpha, beta, delta).
  • Submitted abstracts can be modified until the submission deadline September 10th, 2018 midnight CET. Therefore, the author submitting the abstract will be required to provide his/her e-mail address as the login and a preferred password during the submission. To save the abstract, all required fields (marked with a red *) must be filled in. The submitted abstracts cannot be edited after the submission deadline.
  • If you have successfully submitted your abstract, you will receive a confirmation by email containing copy of your abstract and the abstract reference number.


Abstracts will be classified according to the following research type and topics:

Research type:

  • Basic and translational research
  • Clinical research


  • NF1
  • NF2/Schwannomatosis
  • Transversal topic

*Please refer to the agenda for specific subject matter being covered in the sessions.


Abstracts can be accepted either as e-poster or oral communication. A preference for e-poster presentation can be indicated. Full presentation guidelines will be included in the final acceptance letter and posted on the conference website.


Abstract Selection Procedure (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

  • All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by a scientific committee, without knowledge of their source, to evaluate scientific quality, novelty, and potential impact and to determine if best suited for platform or poster presentation.
  • Acceptance or rejection of an abstract is based on the average grade awarded by the reviewers and at the discretion of the Scientific Abstract Selection Committee.
  • The submitting authors will be notified by September 24th, 2018, at the email address (submitting author) provided during submission, whether their abstract has been accepted. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that emails from the conference office can reach them. They will be informed at the same time about the format of their presentation. Later, they will receive an email indicating the date and time of their presentation.
  • The session chairs will then select from the pool of platform-suited abstracts the ones most applicable to their session. The ones that are not chosen will be presented as posters.

Poster Competition:

Additionally, in order to place greater emphasis on the excellent science presented in the poster sessions, the scientific committee members will chose the three most impactful basic science and three most impactful clinical science posters (on site at the conference).
These 6 winning posters will be presented by their authors or other member of their scientific team, in a 5 minute "speed talk" at a special session the last day of the conference, where they will also receive an award for their work. 
Please note: the poster competition will be limited to students, pre-doc’s, post doc’s and fellows.



The abstract submission website works best with Mozilla Firefox:

  • Cookies needs to be enabled
  • All pop-up blockers should be turned off
  • When creating an account on the submission website, please make sure to use a user ID that is easy to remember (first name followed by last name for example). The password must include at least 8 characters and 1 number. Both the user ID and password should be retained in a safe place for future reference.

Thank you for your contributions!